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Passionate Does Not Mean Close-minded

Let me tell you this.

My first “official” post. Where does one begin? Well, let me start by saying thank you for coming to my new website. I realize that I am but one of millions, and I appreciate that you have taken the interest to come see what I have to say.

Those of you who know me, know that I am very passionate about my beliefs. I try very hard not to comment about things I am do not know much about, but the flip side of that is when I do comment about something I know about, I may come across as close-minded. I assure you I am not close minded. Passionate does not mean close-minded. Passionate means deep-rooted. Passionate means well researched. Passionate means well thought out. Simply because I have invested time in formulating my position, does mean I am not willing to hear an opposing view. It does mean that the onus is on you to convince me that your view is the better way of looking at things. If you can’t do that, don’t get frustrated, angry with me, or simple disengage. Think, profoundly, about what I have said. Ponder on your position. Then decide if perhaps what I am saying may be correct, or if you want to do a little more research.

The world is too polarized today. People have become too intolerant of opposing views, and it appears as though many are not interested in listening anymore. This is not a good thing. When people discredit what others have to say simply because it is not concurrent with their way of thinking, they limit their ability to learn. Education, learning, involves hearing all sides of a position unbiasedly, weighing all facts, all opinions, and then deciding for yourself what you believe is most accurate. That is not possible when you refuse to entertain something you may not like to hear.

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