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Can’t You Just Do Your Job?

Let me tell you this. I really don’t like getting angry, especially over what some would consider trivial things. Honestly, I don’t. The problem, as I see it, is that when no one gets angry, and people let things slide, things slide to the point of incompetence. Case in point, it appears most people can longer simply do their jobs. My fiancé and I recently ordered two, relatively high end products: a snow blower and a bed. Both were moderately expensive, and both had to be delivered.

The snow blower was supposed to arrive yesterday. It did not. I was supposed to get a phone call the day of the delivery, yesterday, to confirm the delivery. I did not. At some point in the early evening, I called the freight company to inquire about the delivery, and I was told, “Oh, sorry we didn’t call you. It is still in transit. You SHOULD (emphasis added) get a call tomorrow, and it SHOULD (emphasis added again) be delivered on Wednesday.” The fact that a freight company SHOULD call when it says it will and it SHOULD deliver items on the day it promises delivery was obviously lost on the person I was speaking too. Anyone care to start a betting pool as to whether or not it comes on Wednesday?

The second item, which was the more expensive of the two, was supposed to be delivered today. I am not mentioning the fact that these items were expensive to impress anyone, I mention it because one would imagine that when a customer spends a lot of money on an item, the company selling the item would do its best to ensure customer satisfaction. Or at the very least, try its best too. Well, two days ago, I did get a phone call informing me that the bed would be delivered today, but guess what? Today, I got another phone call telling me that it would not. The reason? “Driver Emergency”. What exactly does that mean, “Driver Emergency”? Did the driver have a heart attack? Did the driver call in sick? Did the driver’s dog die, and he is too emotional distraught to come to work? Should I, as the customer, be expected to care? I hate to sound mean, but I don’t. I want the item I spent a lot of money on to be delivered on the day it was promised, short of what I consider to be a valid excuse. Like the truck with my bed ran off the road, and burst into flames. At least then I could say “Wow”. Am I a jerk for feeling that way?

It’s become a running joke with my family that I always seem to be the guy who gets screwed when it comes to customer service. I go into Dunkin’ Donuts for a pretzel twist (they were AWESOME, but are no longer made) only to be told “Sorry, we ran out”. But they run out at 12:30 PM, on a Saturday. The middle of the day, on a weekend, and you are out of a product? How can you run a business that way? It happened to me a half a dozen times before I stopped frequenting that particular Dunkin’ Donuts. Or one of my favorite restaurants never having the fresh turkey sandwich, even though it’s on the menu. “Well, we don’t like to cook the whole turkey breast if we think we won’t sell it all” was the answer I’d always receive. Well, take it off the damn menu then! I get frustrated, and my family laughs. It’s fine, they are my family, but I think it’s part of a much bigger problem.

It seems to me that American society has gotten very lazy. Far too many people simply don’t take their job seriously anymore, let alone do it effectively and efficiently. There was a time when elevator men wore uniforms, and people had self-respect. Whatever the job, no matter how lowly it may seem by today’s standards, the people performing those jobs did so with pride and with a competence not seen too often anymore. Fast forward to modern day and many workers expect tips for performing just about any job, and most of the time they expect to be tipped for mediocre (at best) service. Sorry, if you are not a waiter or waitress, then I consider it to be your job, and I usually won’t tip. Tips were always welcome when I was growing up, say for the paper boy or the grocery bagger, but they were not asked for. There wasn’t a “tip jar” everywhere you went. It can be argued that we have become a society of entitlement, particularly with millennials (people born between the 1980s and the late 1990s) and up.

I would just like to know when society, including multimillion dollar corporations, began to think that poor customer service was acceptable. Just when exactly did it become standard business practice for customers to be told the products they purchased wouldn’t be delivered on time because of an undisclosed “Driver Emergency”? I don’t know, but it frustrates the hell out of me. Just do your job! But hey, I’m just a cop.

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Raising The Weakest Generation

Let me tell you this. It doesn’t happen often, but I’m at a loss for words. I just received a phone call from the Oyster Bay School District. Due to “Projected Weather Forecasts, school will be closed today”. I’m sure all the other Long Island School Districts will follow. It is not snowing out. There was no snow last night. It is not even raining, but because of projected “treacherously icy roads”, they close school? It is beyond pathetic! What kind of work ethic are we teaching our children? What message are we sending them, every time there is “danger”, stay inside and cower in fear? Not to mention, what kind of society do we live in when icy roads are deemed “treacherous”? We have to cower in fear over ice? GIVE ME A BREAK! It’s like I always say, it is very difficult to be a parent today, because society keeps undermining you. You try to teach your children to work hard, you try to teach them to face challenges, you try to build character, and then it snows and their world stops. I am forty-five (the last day I can say that, I turn forty-six tomorrow), and when I went to middle school at Saint Thomas the Apostle in Woodhaven, NY, school was closed when eight inches of snow or more WAS ON THE GROUND. School was not closed for “projected snow”, and closing school because of ice was simply unheard of. And, believe it or not, most of the kids did actually walk to school. If it snowed, we had snowball fights along the way. Imagine that!

Before I retired, I was the evidence officer at my command, which means I handled evidence that was gathered for various reasons. Sadly, the George Washington Bridge has become almost an iconic bridge for people who want to end their life, and consequently, we get a lot of people trying to jump from our bridge. The police officers at the bridge do a wonderful job preventing these tragedies and more people are saved than actually jump, but of course they can’t stop everyone. When people do successfully jump, and the body is found, the evidence officer ultimately gets the property, and many times that means dealing with the family of the deceased. I always deemed it the worst part of the job. Well, I remember getting the property of this young woman in her twenties. She was young, she was beautiful, and she had a promising career. We later found out that she ended her life because her coworkers and some people she believed to be her friends chided, teased, and spoke poorly about her on Facebook.

Now please, do not misunderstand me: it is not my point to criticize her or her family. I am not a doctor, and I am certainly not going to discuss depression and it’s effects on a person. It is not about that. My point here is, every time it snows, or there is ice, or any other perceived danger, no matter how small, I hear people saying “Well, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We don’t want our kids to get hurt”, but is it really better to be safe than sorry over snow? Isn’t overprotecting our children sometimes worse than letting them face adversity? How can children learn to deal with problems in life if we overprotect them to the point where we close schools because there “may” be icy roads? Have we no faith in ourselves and our children? Will our professional bus drivers suddenly forget how to drive? Will hundreds of school buses suddenly careen off roadways into ditches and burst into flames? Will thousands of children, never properly “trained” how to walk on ice, slip, fall, and break bones? Will teachers die by the dozens, braving the ice getting to work? I mean, seriously people, what the hell? Given the craven state of society, and it’s reluctance to face the “dangers of the weather”, is it really surprising when children raised in such a society choose to end their life because people say mean things about them? And if they can’t handle people being mean to them, how can they handle a difficult boss? How can they handle losing a job, or a mortgage? How can they handle a really rough divorce?

I have had the misfortune of dealing with many young deaths at the bridge, and my heart broke for each and every one of them. I’d speak with their parents and family members, and I could see the overwhelming guilt and perceived failure in their eyes. I distinctly remember one father sobbing, and repeating over and over again, “What did I do wrong? Where did I fail?” I did my best to comfort him, but I really had no answers to give him. I couldn’t help but think society played a major part. Society set these kids up to fail. Society trained them to be fragile. It seems this country has had THE GREATEST GENERATION, and now we are raising THE WEAKEST GENERATION. We are not protecting our children, we are hurting them. We are setting them up to fail.

The next time your child faces difficulty, don’t be so quick to help. Watch, observe, and should he falter, of course be there to assist, but let him TRY to work things out. Let him try to succeed on his own. And for Christ’s sake, stop closing schools over nonsense! But hey, I’m just a cop…

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Obama Equates Christian Behavior During Crusades To Modern Islamic Terrorism

Let me tell you this. If you don’t know your history, you really shouldn’t try to give history lessons. I’m so tired of people claiming that Christians where somehow exclusively to blame for the Crusades, when the reality is, the Crusades were really a reaction to Islamic aggression. Well, people are pretty upset with President Obama’s comments at the National Prayer Breakfast, and I can’t say I blame them. Mr President, even if your correlation between the Crusades and modern Islamic terrorism was accurate, it’s not, the Crusades happened hundreds of years ago, while just last week ISIS burned a man to death in a cage. Not only are your comments insulting to Christians, your attempted history lesson about the Crusades was deeply flawed. Perhaps you should start with this article: Jihadis 14, Crusaders 2 , but hey, I’m just a cop…

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German Government Rejects Pope’s Remarks That It’s OK To Spank Kids

Let me tell you this. In Germany, it is illegal to spank your child. Pope Francis said it is all right to spank your child as long as their dignity is maintained. In the article, Verena Herb, a spokeswoman for Germany’s Families Ministry, states “there can be no dignified hitting.” Personally, I think there is far more dignity in having your parents spank you to teach you some respect and manors then there is in running around like a wild animal because your parents won’t spank you. But hey, I’m just a cop…

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