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Puppies Are Wonderful Distractions

MontagueWhiteMy English Springer Spaniel Monty has been a wonderful distraction. I had this caricature of him made up, and I’ve been busy spending my days with him, my son, my brother, and my three nephews as of late. My fiance’ and her boy spent the week in Disney and just got back.

I have to say, Monty has been the best behaved puppy I have ever had the pleasure of raising. He is playful, affectionate, and generally a pleasure to be around. My fiance’ and I were expecting at least a week of puppy howling when we crated him each night, but not a single peep from him to date. The trainer/breeder said to feed him his meals in his crate, and it will accelerate his love for it as his home space, and apparently she was correct: he loves his crate. She also recommended that for the first month, in addition to feeding him in his crate, we follow a four hour out, two hour in the crate routine to nip a puppy’s separation anxiety in the bud. Thus far, it has worked splendidly. The combination of feeding him in his crate and leaving him in there for two hours at a time has accomplished this. So, I’ve been busy, and pleasantly distracted. This morning, however, I read the following article by Mr Dennis Prager, and sadly, I must say, I think it is right on the mark.

America’s Accelerating Decay

I try my best to be an optimist, but it’s not always easy. The article ends with the following two sentences:

“If you acknowledge that American society is in decay, it is your obligation to fight to undo it. If you can’t acknowledge that American society is in decay, you are providing proof that it is.”

I’m just not certain HOW to fight it, and I’m likewise not certain as to IF it can be stopped. It seems as though it’s the natural progression for powerful, successful and well to do countries/civilizations to rot from within. To sit on their laurels and take advantage and benefit from all the hard work of the past, only to fall drastically short in their own generation’s responsibility to contribute. It’s often been said that modern society is a “ME” society, and can anyone really offer a good argument against that? What is the solution? Other than trying to raise your children right and acting as a responsible, law abiding citizen, what else can one do?

There are a plethora of things to discuss. Hillary is running for President and one has to wonder: can she be any worse than our current President? Does the GOP have a candidate that stands a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating her? How much more irreparable damage will  the current administration inflect upon us? These are but a few of the many things I ponder and will pontificate right here with you. But for now, I just want to go walk my puppy.

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