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Let’s See If CNBC Pits Republican Against Republican, As CNN Did


Third Republican Debate Tonight, 8PM EST, on CNBC

CNN asked questions designed to lead the Republican into attacking one another, like these:

  • Asked Mrs. Fiorina, Would you feel comfortable with Donald trump’s finger on the nuclear codes?
  • Governor Bush, would you feel comfortable with Donald Trump’s finger on the nuclear codes?
  • Senator Cruz, Governor Kasich says that anyone who is promising to rip up the Iran deal on day one, as you have promised to do, is, quote, “inexperienced,” and, quote, “playing to a crowd.” Respond to Governor Kasich, please.
  • Asked Governor Kasich, Did Senator Cruz just play to the crowd?
  • Asked Senator Paul, Governor Walker says that President Obama should cancel the state dinner because of China’s currency manipulation, and because of China’s alleged cyber attacks against the United States.Is Governor Walker right?
  • Governor Walker, Senator Paul seemed to suggest…that canceling the state dinner would be rash, and reckless.

And on and on and on. It went on for three hours. Then, of course, for the Democratic debate on the same channel, CNN, Anderson Cooper said, “I’m always uncomfortable with that notion of setting people up in order to kind of promote some sort of a face off.” It was fine for CNN’s Jake Tapper to do precisely just that for the Republicans, but for the Democrats, nah.

Can’t wait to see what the questions are like this evening.

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