Daily Archives: November 18, 2015

And They STILL Don’t Get It!


According to The Weekly Standard, Secretary of State John Kerry said the following:

“In the last days, obviously, that has been particularly put to the test, There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that. There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, okay, they’re really angry because of this and that.

There was a legitimacy? A rationale? No Mr. Kerry, there was a REASON, but neither a legitimacy or a rationale. The reason is actually very simple Mr. Kerry: radical Islamic Terrorists HATE AND DESPISE WESTERN CULTURE. They want NOTHING LESS, than to DESTROY IT. Unfortunately you, and the current President fail to grasp this. You fail to understand that there IS NO REASONING WITH THESE PEOPLE. Until and unless you comprehend this, more innocent people will continue to be slaughtered. But hey, I’m just a cop. What do I know, right?

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