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Oh Boy…. Scout!








Girls want to join the Boy Scouts. In the NY Times today:

In this liberal-minded community, about two hours north of San Francisco, a group of girls ages 10 and 13 who have named themselves the Unicorns want to formally join the Boy Scouts, the 105-year-old organization that has long considered itself the cradle of American male leadership. None of them want to be boys — they just want to play like them.

Girls want to join the Boy Scouts? It seems that nothing is sacred anymore, and that long standing customs have little value in modern society. The Boy Scouts is not only an institution steeped deeply in tradition, it is also an organization that does quite a bit to help boys grow into fine men. Girls have the Girl Scouts. Why can’t these girls simply try to influence the Girl Scouts to do more things that the Boy Scouts do, or, why not form a new organization that admits both boys and girls?

Additionally, why can’t parents ever tell their children no? If these were my daughters, I would tell them, quite simply, “No, you can not join the Boy Scouts because you are a girl”. For me, it really would be as simple as that.

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