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Should Drug Addicts Be Forced Into Treatment?


The Boston Globe reports, that  Governor Baker wants to give hospitals authority to force treatment on substance abusers.

Administration officials say the governor plans to file legislation this week giving hospitals the authority to hold addicts against their will for three days, evaluate them, and decide whether to seek legal permission for substantially longer commitments.
The proposal, modeled after existing rules for mental illness commitments, revives longstanding concerns about the ethics and efficacy of what is known among medical specialists as “coerced treatment.” But officials say it is an appropriate response to a deadly problem.

“We have a crisis on our hands,” said Marylou Sudders, Baker’s health and human services secretary. “You need all of the tools in the toolbox.”

It’s definitely something I think should be considered. I’m just not sure if I am supportive of it. When all is said and done, I think addicts need to want to be cured, and perhaps it is best if they seek help themselves. I am also not sure I like the idea of government deciding. The NY Times has some interesting perspectives on the topic.

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Hillary Says She Wanted To Be A Marine. Yeah, Sure.


National Review Online reports that even CNN is skeptical:

“We asked her campaign for just a few more details on this,” CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said. “It seems so unusual that a Yale-educated lawyer who worked on the anti- war campaigns of [Eugene] McCarthy and [George] McGovern, who had just moved to Arkansas, whose husband was about to become the attorney general of the state, would decide to want to join the Marines. But the campaign said they’re not going to add any more comment onto this.”

I am not sure which is more amazing, the fact that she lies so much, or that people actually believe her lies. It’s amusing to see the reaction of the people she tells. Watch here.

She could be telling the truth. I guess. I don’t believe it though.

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Sanders Endorsed By Postal Workers Union


From Reuters:

The U.S. postal workers union’s executive board said on Thursday it had voted to endorse Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, the union said in a statement.

The endorsement was a setback for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who has been vying with Sanders, her chief rival, for the support of organized labor.

“Politics as usual has not worked. It’s time for a political revolution,” said Mark Dimondstein, president of the postal workers union. Dimondstein called Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, “a true champion” of workers.

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Parliament Can’t Agree On Whether or Not Repairs Are Needed, And If So, How To Make Them


I read this in this morning’s Wall Street Journal:

“Big Ben risks coming to a halt without urgent repairs that will cost millions of pounds. Miles of outdated wiring, much of which form a tangle in the basement, need replacing, according to parliamentary officials.”

It’s frustrating because there are members of Parliament who say that it’s really not so bad, and there are members of Parliament who say it’s horrific. Who do we believe? To top it off, there are members of Parliament who just don’t care:

“Lawmaker Douglas Carswell, a member of the UK Independence Party, said he doesn’t have time for other lawmakers who complain about the state of Westminster, with all of its splendor.

OK, it’s not perfect, but every time I walk into the House of Commons, a small part of me, goes ‘wow,’ said Mr. Carswell. “Having a tea room without rodents in it is nice, but it’s the political rodents that we need to be more concerned about.”

I think that most people agree, government is a necessity. Unfortunately, I think most people would also agree that government is often horribly inefficient. In this case, it’s members can’t even agree on whether or not repairs are needed, and if they are, how they are to be made.

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To Our Veterans


November 11th, Veterans Day

In the early morning hours of November 11, 1918, representatives of France, Britain, and Germany met in a railroad car near Compiègne, France, to sign an armistice ending World War I, or the Great War, as it was known at that time. The cease-fire took effect at 11:00 a.m. that day—the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Up and down the trenches, after four long years of the most horrific fighting the world had yet known, the guns fell silent. “The roar stopped like a motor car hitting a wall,” one U.S. soldier wrote to his family. Soldiers on both sides slowly climbed out of the earthworks. Some danced; some cheered; some cried for joy; some stood numbed. The Great War had left some 9 million soldiers dead and another 21 million wounded. No one knows how many millions of civilians died. Much of Europe lay in ruins. But finally, with the armistice, it was “all quiet on the Western Front.”

For many years November 11 was known as Armistice Day to honor those who fought in World War I. In 1954 Congress changed the name to Veterans Day to recognize all American veterans.

Every November 11 at 11:00 a.m., the nation pays tribute to its war dead with the laying of a presidential wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery outside Washington, D.C.

This content is courtesy of The American Patriot’s Almanac

© 2008, 2010 by William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb

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Undocumented Americans’ Bill of Rights


As reported in the Independent Journal, a group called UnitedWeStay has released an “Undocumented Americans’ Bill of Rights”.

I have no problem whatsoever with immigration. Immigration is part of the reason the United States is such a great nation. But people who are in a country illegally, that is to say, they have not followed the laws in place for immigration, in my opinion, really have no right to be making “demands” on the country in which they immigrated to illegally. In my opinion, this is just yet another example of the sense of entitlement many people have in modern society.

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Commissioner Bratton on Homeless: Stop Giving Them Money


According to today’s NY Post, NYC’s Police Commissioner on Monday had this to say about the homeless:

“My best advice to the citizens of New York City: If this is so upsetting to you, don’t give. One of the quickest ways to get rid of them is not to give to them,”

He’s right. If you want to help homeless people, donate to charities that provide them assistance. Volunteer with charities that help them. Don’t give them money. It not only encourages them to panhandle, the reality is, many homeless people are mentally unstable, and encounters with them could be potentially dangerous. In my opinion, it’s just not the best solution, and it could be detrimental to people who have the best intentions.

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Democratic Female Senator to Men: Just Shut The Hell Up


Double standard? Could you imagine if a male senator said that women need to “shut the hell up”? Well, that’s exactly what Sen. Claire McCaskill said about men. According to The Week, the Senator said that, “It’s not that women don’t value your thoughts, it’s just that we don’t value all of them.”

Wow. Talk about inappropriate.

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Freedom of Speech Under Assault. Again


The assault on free speech in the United States is in full swing. I read an article in the NY Times today about a faculty member, Mrs. Erika Christakis, at Yale University. Additionally, she is an administrator at a student residence there. You can read the full article by clicking here. Personally, I find it TRULY OUTRAGEOUS.

All this woman, and subsequently her husband, did was offer an opinion. In an email to the students residing in her hall, she wrote:

“Is there no room anymore for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious … a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive? American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also for a certain regressive, or even transgressive, experience; increasingly, it seems, they have become places of censure and prohibition.”

This opinion differed from the official view of Yale University, and shouldn’t that be a good thing? Aren’t colleges and universities supposed to encourage the free and unhindered exchange of opinions, views and points of view? Apparently not anymore.

According to the article:

Ms. Christakis’s email touched on a long-running debate over the balance between upholding free speech and protecting students from hurt feelings or personal offense. It also provoked a firestorm of condemnation from Yale students, hundreds of whom signed an open letter criticizing her argument that “free speech and the ability to tolerate offence” should take precedence over other considerations.

“To ask marginalized students to throw away their enjoyment of a holiday, in order to expend emotional, mental, and physical energy to explain why something is offensive, is — offensive,” the letter said. “To be a student of color on Yale’s campus is to exist in a space that was not created for you.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mr. Christakis has had at least one heated encounter with a group of students, in which he was subjected to being berated. He was screamed at, told to keep quiet, and had profanity hurled at him. You can watch the exchange by clicking here.

What truly amazes me, and deeply saddens me at the same time, is that the students in the video are behaving so hypercritically. On the one hand, they are demanding that the feelings of students be held as more important than the rights protected under the first amendment, yet on the other hand, they scream profanities, silence, berate and chastise a faculty member simply because he holds an opinion that differs from theirs. It really is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. Simply put, THEIR FEELINGS matter, but the feelings of people who hold opposing views mean NOTHING. People have generally become so narcissistic, that they have absolutely no concern for anyone or anything other than themselves.

BRAVO to both Mr. & Mrs. Christakis! They are brave individuals, and it is sad that simply expressing an opinion makes you brave, but in this case, it is a fitting adjective. Perhaps if more faculty members at universities, colleges, high schools, and other schools actually tried to teach what free speech is all about, we wouldn’t have such controversy over simply expressing an opinion. But hey, I’m just a cop.

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SURPRISE! When You Are Nice To Mean People, They Are Still Mean!


When you are mean to mean people, they tend to be nice. It’s really that simple. Yet many times people fall to see this basic truth. Take for example, this article in the NY Times about Iran, which starts with the follow:

“Anyone who hoped that Iran’s nuclear agreement with the United States and other powers portended a new era of openness with the West has been jolted with a series of increasingly rude awakenings over the past few weeks.”

It should read, anyone who hoped that Iran’s nuclear agreement with the United States and other powers portended a new era of openness with the West IS A FOOL.

It states further:

“Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, said the “Death to America” slogan is eternal.”

Yet we made a deal with his country.

“Ever since the nuclear accord was reached in mid-July and endorsed by Ayatollah Khamenei, he has been insisting it did not signal rapprochement with the United States — although some tacit improvements have emerged.”

He is insisting the deal didn’t establish harmonious relations with the United States, and he’s right. It did not. They still hold American hostages. In fact, they held American hostages even as the deal was being negotiated and continue to hold American hostages after the deal has been agreed upon. President Obama’s administration, under his direction, made a deal with a country that is holding American hostages, and the United States is giving billions of dollars to a country that holds it’s citizen hostages. Yet people still support the President. It truly boggles my mind.

You should never appease bad people. You don’t make deals with people who hold your citizens hostage. It’s really that simple. Yet we did. And yet Thomas Erdbrink of the NY Times, and people like him, can’t understand why there is “backlash against America” in Iran. In their minds, Iran got everything it wanted, so why doesn’t Iran play nice now. The answer is simple: because they aren’t nice. But hey, I’m just a cop.

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