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NONSENSE: Consent Carnival


I am going to start a posting routine, simply called NONSENSE. Whenever I see something I see think is absurd, I will use the NONSENSE stamp image above. Here is the first installment.

The Daily Caller reported that recently, the University of Southern California (USC) hosted a “Consent Carnival”. It’s purpose? According to the article:

“Teach students the basics of sexual consent by making them “have sex” with a giant bouncy house and by giving them a 100-word checklist about how to kiss somebody without assaulting them.”


So college age adults need instruction how to kiss someone without sexually assaulting them? This is just so utterly ridiculous and pathetic at the same time. Absolutely absurd. Regrettably, this is more or less par for the course for many colleges and universities these days. These “Institutions of Higher Learning” are increasingly teaching and advocating moronic methodologies such as this.

I mean, seriously? College age adults can’t figure this out on their own? They need instruction? If you are not sure how to kiss someone without sexually assaulting them, perhaps you shouldn’t leave your home. Wow.

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