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Tale Of Two Wives


What is a “Super PAC”?

Super Political Action Committees (PACs) are political committees that support candidates independently from a candidate’s official campaign, and are therefore not restricted by laws that govern political campaigns. They can accept unlimited donations from companies, unions, or individuals, but are not allowed to donate any money they collect directly to a candidate, nor can they work in conjunction with a candidate or his/her campaign. They are unlike regular Continue reading

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Angry Republicans


As of this moment, it is looking more and more probable that none of the candidates running for the Republican nomination for President will reach the 1237 delegates required to secure the nomination outright. What does that mean? It means that it is very likely that there will be a
contested Republican Party Convention in Cleveland come July. I am a Republican. I am angry. I am angry for every single reason that Trump supporters list for being angry, but I am not a Continue reading

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Judge Garland: Vote Or Not?


I don’t envy Republicans. They are oft times, “damned if they do, damned if they don’t.” Take for example the predicament they are currently facing with President Obama’s Supreme Court nomination of Judge Merrick Garland. The absolute disgust and displeasure that many Republicans, particularly conservatives, have for the party couldn’t be made any more obvious Continue reading

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Let’s Not Be Hypocrites, Shall We?


I’m getting very frustrated with my fellow Republicans. I’m a wee tired of Trump supporters overlooking things that he does, when in the past they were very vocal in their criticism of someone else doing a similar thing. Over the weekend, I was asked by a Facebook friend and supporter of Donald Trump on my personal Facebook wall, “Your thoughts on Opportunist Ted’s comments?” He was referring to Ted Cruz’s statement about the Trump rally in Chicago Continue reading

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Attack on Free Speech


What you saw on the evening of March 11, 2016 in Chicago was the culmination of eight years of Obama. What transpired on that evening was ignorant people, emboldened by a leftist President, undermining the intent of the Constitution. The first amendment guarantees a person’s right to protest, that is true enough. But It also guarantees a person’s right to speak. Perhaps if our college students, as Dennis Prager points out in his article titled “The World Is Getting Worse, But This Time America Won’t Save It”, weren’t being Continue reading

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Did Trump Really Say That?


I watched last evening’s Republican debate in Miami, and I have to say, I am concerned. If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, I will support him. I will vote for Donald Trump because I believe if Hillary Clinton wins the next Presidential election, she will put the last nail in the coffin of our country that eight years of President Obama has built. She will then put that coffin into the ground, burying this great country once and for all.

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