Cop’s Personal Favorites of 2015

I’ve been blogging over a year now, and the following ten blog posts are my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for your interest.

  1. My all time favorite- my son asked me about a man working on the bay on a cold wintry day: That’s What Men Do Son
  2. My second favorite post: When Thugs Become Martyrs And Cops Are Vilified
  3. My third favorite post: Women’s Rights, Gay Rights, Animal Rights… What About A Father’s Rights?
  4. Just about everywhere I go: Why I Choose To Carry A Firearm
  5. Raising kids: Overprotecting Children: More Harm Than Good?
  6. Sticks and stones: Sticks And Stone May Break Your Bones, But Words, And Different Opinions, Will Never Harm You
  7. Facebook debates: Facebook Debates: Not Always A Waste Of Time
  8. The Obama administration announces we should help terrorists get jobs: Rome is Burning Mr. President. Put Down the Fiddle and Do Something.
  9. An article about cops being told to “close eyes” during tense situations: Combine Police Training, Political Correctness and Ignorance, You Have A Recipe For Disaster
  10. A school closure, and a blog post: Drive If You Must, You Reckless Fools!