Cop’s Personal Favorites of 2016

As we begin 2017, I present my favorite blog posts for 2016. As always, I hope you enjoy them, and I thank you for your interest in my writing.

  1. Once again, my favorite was inspired by my son on his birthday: Understanding Evil
  2. A difficult Republican primary, to say the least: Trump Won, Is Conservatism Dead?
  3. I discuss society’s warped priorities: The World Is Turning Upside Down
  4. Keeping with the “warped priorities” theme: In Honor Of Harambe
  5. The “Republican Primary Drama” never seemed to end last year, as I found myself: Between A Rock & A Cruz Place
  6. A memory from the past comes to the forefront: Just Another Day At Work Becomes A Lifelong Memory
  7. Another African American shot by police, and I discuss it: Alton Sterling’s Death: Who’s To Blame?
  8. A nonsensical political “argument” raised my hackles, so I refuted it: A Rebuke Of Alex Schiller’s List