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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by RoosterTheRed, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. RoosterTheRed

    RoosterTheRed New Member

    This will technically be my second introduction on these forums. I was on the original forums, but in truth, after joining the previous forums, I visited once or twice before promptly forgetting it existed.

    Considering my aforementioned activity on the previous forums, it can be asked: why bother rejoining? Especially now, when the wave of Honeybadgers ViciousGnome entreatied to join have long done so. The answer is relatively simple: I am bored.

    I admit that such a response can be seen as callous and self-absorbed, and I think I must agree with you. I rejoined Lou's forums in the search for personal gain. That gain being more along the intellectual plane, rather than being of the physical variety. To be clear, I joined because I wish to glean wisdom from argument.

    It can be argued that Socrates, via the Socratic Method, professionalized the art of making an argument. Via a system of back-and-forth inquiry and agreement and/or disagreement, two (or perhaps more) individuals can come to a conclusion about some sort of argument, with the end goal being some sort of wisdom or knowledge gained. That's my take on it, anyway. It could be argued that the entire point of argument is to "win," or to reach a conclusive point in which one individual, and that individual's side of the argument, I proven correct. The issue with this line of thinking is that if the "loser" is mindful, he may be as much of a winner as the "winner" himself. If an individual learns from his losses, is he not a winner as well? In this way, both individuals are presented with the opportunity to glean personal growth from the argument.

    If asked, many people would say that their ultimate goal is to appease their chosen deity, to the end of achieving entrance to that deity's afterlife. They live by their deity's rules in hopes of currying favor to this end. I, however, have chosen to live my life differently. I believe that the ultimate goal in one's life is to better oneself by any means necessary, by several means. Physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.

    In regards to this site, I hope to improve myself mentally. While a painter can certainly create a beautiful work of art with one color, it's the monochromatic nature of the spectrum that fully realizes the true embodiment of beauty. Likewise, while I could better myself mentally by simple reflection and meditation, my views and opinions would lack the color they so desperately need. So, here I am. By viewing the opinions and thoughts of others, right or wrong, and comparing them to my own, I grow as an individual. And this is a worthy goal to me.

    TL;DR: I'm going to argue, or in the very least, observe arguments for the purpose of bettering myself.

    I see that, at the moment, these forums are relatively empty. As time advances, I shall continue to check on these forums in hopes of conversation and argument.
  2. L Capuano

    L Capuano Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Rooster! Thanks for "re-joining"! I just got home from my Honeymoon, and I have had a lot of errands and chores to run, so yes, the place has been a little quiet. I am planning on starting up again tomorrow.

    I enjoyed reading your post, and I commend you (as I have many times in the past) for your quest for knowledge. It's an admirable trait. I am hoping this place is going to fly this year, but I promise the blog part certainly will! This is an election year, and my God, there is certainly a plethora of topics to keep me going. I appreciate you registering again, and perhaps you and I can start things going around here! Thanks again my friend. ;)

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