Snow Storm Story The Media Choose To Ignore

Discussion in 'Discuss Lou's Blog Posts' started by L Capuano, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. L Capuano

    L Capuano Administrator Staff Member

    While most people, myself included, hunkered down in our homes, these people showed amazing strength of conviction. The media ignored them, as they more or less do every year.
  2. RoosterTheRed

    RoosterTheRed New Member

    You should include links to your original opinion post on the Home Page, so we (I) can easily understand what you're referring to.

    From a neutral standpoint, it is admirable that these people protested in such adverse conditions. However, a news outlet would be unwise to report on it, as simply discussing the event would make the outlet seem biased. I can imagine a right-wing mega-media agency like FOX may have covered it, but neutral and left-wingers most certainly wouldn't.

    It's difficult to applaud someone's actions without applauding what they committed those actions for.
  3. L Capuano

    L Capuano Administrator Staff Member

    Rooster, thanks for the suggestion. I link the forums from the post, I will start linking the post in the forums.

    I disagree. I ABSOLUTELY believe this is a newsworthy event. If 10,000 people marched on NYC City Hall in support of abortion, I would report it. In fact, the majority of protests or marches with this many people are usually reported. In this case, it is an annual event (which in and of itself makes it newsworthy) going on for 42 years, every year in January, since 1974. Throw in the fact that, as I said, while most of the northeast coast was being advised to stay off the roads and stay home due to the dangers of the blizzard, these people held their event anyway. TOTALLY newsworthy.

    Let me ask you this question. If a women was denied an abortion, and set herself on fire, do you think it would be newsworthy? Do you think it would be a local story only, or do you think it would be a nationwide story? I believe it would be a nationwide story.

    Ever hear about the American father who self-immolated himself to protest against family courts and their unfairness to fathers? You probably have not. A man set himself on fire, more or less, because a court took his kids away, and it was more or less a non-story. The media chooses which stories are "newsworthy", and which are not.
  4. RoosterTheRed

    RoosterTheRed New Member

    Oh, absolutely. The media is interested in itself only, rather than the "news," but they must also cover their backsides because of how they are out for themselves. In America, political affiliations are (somehow) an aspect of media agencies, so what gets reported on and by whom is very much in line with their political affiliations, I believe.

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