Thoughts On Cruz/Carson Controversy

Discussion in 'Discuss Lou's Blog Posts' started by L Capuano, Feb 4, 2016.

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    We must strive for honesty.
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    Great thoughts, and I had thoughts on this from another angle. I am a Carson supporter, but I think his office blew this one, and I am expecting him to surround himself with better advisors. The report that Carson was taking break left room for speculation. The press release should have been VERY specific at this critical time. Something on the order of: Dr. Carson will not be flying immediately to NH tonight. He will be flying home for X days and is looking forward to meeting the people of NH on the campaign trail beginning with a rally I'm (town name) on February X. Win, Ben, Win." Leaving room for speculation always has bad results. (Edited to change NY back to NH, thanks, autocorrect)
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    Thank you for posting, and welcome to the forums!

    I agree with you completely. As I said, I don't fault him for making the notification, but clarification should have been added as well. It is fair to speculate, for certain, but making sure people know it's just that, speculation, is important. As I said in my blog, he had an opportunity to shine, and instead tarnished himself a little bit.

    Again, thanks and welcome! :)

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