Combine Police Training, Political Correctness and Ignorance, You Have A Recipe For Disaster

Let me tell you this. Throughout a police officer’s career, he is usually asked many of what he considers to be silly, but harmless questions.

  • Is your gun loaded? Yes, my gun is always loaded. An unloaded gun is useless in a critical situation. The time it takes me to load my gun is more than enough time for the criminal to shoot me with his fully loaded gun.
  • Can I touch your gun? No, you may not. It’s not a toy, it’s a tool. Would you ask a butcher if you can play with his knives?
  • Why don’t police try to shoot to wound, or shoot the weapon out of a criminal’s hand? Police shoot to stop the action, we don’t shoot to kill or wound. We aim for center mass of our target. Aiming for the center of our target allows for the maximum amount of error while still hitting our target. If you aim for the center of someone’s chest, and you are off by an inch, you still hit the person. If you aim for a weapon in someone’s hand and you are off by an inch, you miss.
  • Did you ever shoot or kill someone? If I did, do you really think I’d like to discuss it with you?

Those are just a few examples of silly, harmless questions people seem to love asking cops. Most of the time when people ask such questions, the cop chuckles to himself, and gives an answer similar to those I gave above. No harm done. Questions asked without a grasp of the situation are born out of simple ignorance. Ignorance in this case is nothing more than a lack of information, and the person asking the question almost never means to be disrespectful. Most people simply have no real concept of police work and what it entails. That’s fine, unless people who have no real concept of police work are giving training to police officers.

Case in point, this article in yesterday’s NY Post:

Cops instructed to ‘close eyes’ during tense situations

I’m not even sure where to begin. The notion of telling a police officer in a situation that is getting heated to “take a step back, close your eyes and take a deep breath” is, in my opinion, so ridiculous it borders insanity. Who in his right mind thinks it prudent for a police officer, or anyone else for that matter, to close his eyes when confronted with someone who is angry with him?  The person or persons who came up with this idea obviously have no concept of police work. Why then, are they giving training to police officers? Political correctness and ignorance is the best possible explanation.

Instead of giving police “sensitivity training”, perhaps the money would be better spent on educating the public. Police are not the issue here, but rather the individuals who choose to become belligerent with police officers are the problem. It really is fairly cut and dry: when a police officer stops and questions you, do as the officer requests. In addition, if the police officer states that you are under arrest DO NOT RESIST THE POLICE OFFICER. It’s not that difficult of a notion to comprehend. If the officer is incorrect, there are a multitude of options available to you to ensure the police officer is held accountable for his actions. The time to sort that out is not at the scene of the incident. For the officer’s safety, and for the safety of all parties involved, it is easiest to sort these things out in a safe environment, such as the stationhouse.

From the police officer’s perspective, the notion of closing his eyes and taking a deep breath is extremely dangerous. If a police officer closes his eyes, the perpetrator can flee. How does the officer explain that to his supervisor? He can’t, and he is going to be held accountable for allowing the escape. If a police officer closes his eyes, the perpetrator can take that as an opportunity to strike him. Now the officer is injured. If the police officer closes his eyes, the perpetrator can use the opportunity to try and grab his gun. Now an unarmed person can potentially be armed with the officer’s gun, a situation that not only gets the officer in considerable trouble with his supervisors, but puts him at great risk. If the police officer closes his eyes and the perpetrator has a hidden weapon of his own, he could kill the officer. It’s as simple as that. Yet something so obvious to me wasn’t so obvious to the people who created this nonsensical training.

Stop placing the blame on the police officers and start putting the blame where it belongs: on the people who resist arrest. If you don’t resist arrest, you won’t get injured. Don’t let political correctness and ignorance put our police in danger, because when the police lose society loses. But hey, I’m just a cop.

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