Did Trump Really Say That?


I watched last evening’s Republican debate in Miami, and I have to say, I am concerned. If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, I will support him. I will vote for Donald Trump because I believe if Hillary Clinton wins the next Presidential election, she will put the last nail in the coffin of our country that eight years of President Obama has built. She will then put that coffin into the ground, burying this great country once and for all.

I say I will vote for Trump every time I criticize him because I think it’s important for people to understand that I am not “the enemy”. I am not a liberal. I am not a leftist. I am not a DEMOCRAT. I am a conservative Republican who is just as fed up with the Republican party as Trump supporters are! I want change, and I have wanted change and have been advocating for change long before Donald Trump decided to run for President. I have wanted change back when Trump was still saying “I probably identify more as Democrat”. I have never been a Democrat, unlike Trump, who registered as a Republican in 1987, left the party for the Independence Party in October 1999. Then in August 2001 enrolled as a Democrat, and was a Democrat until 2008, when he registered as a Republican again. After two more years as a Republican, he left the party again in December of 2011, checking off the box on the voter registration form that said, “I do not wish to enroll in a party”, only to return to the Republican party again in April of 2012. As reported and documented in the Washington Times. People don’t find this troubling? This doesn’t bother his supporters? But I digress. Back to what I observed in last night’s debate.

If Donald Trump is debating Hillary Clinton, and says “I will do everything within my power not to touch Social Security, to leave it the way it is”, Hillary Clinton may simple say, “Well Donald, we agree on that. I won’t touch it either. I will leave it just the way it is”. The problem with that Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton, is that, according to Forbes, “If you plan to retire in 25 years, you better boost your savings plan because there will be no social security to supplement your retirement income.” And Forbes said that in 2011, so make it 20 years. That’s leadership? To know that something is broken, but state you will do nothing to fix it? Maybe that’s because neither Trump or Clinton will need social security, but I sure as hell will! Will you?

If  Donald Trump is debating Hillary Clinton, and he says something as incoherent  as “Women are treated horribly. You know that. You do know that. Women are treated horribly, and other things are happening that are very, very bad”, there will be no one but a hostile moderator, and Hillary Clinton there to hold the spotlight on him, and make him sweat in his vague, ignorant statement. Are there horrible people using Islam to do horrific things to people all over the world? ABSOLUTELY! But does that mean that Islam and all Muslims who practice it are horrible people? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I criticize radical Islam often. I don’t mince words, and I am not politically correct about it. EVIL IS EVIL, and what is RIGHT IS RIGHT. But what is WRONG is also WRONG, and painting millions of people with the same brush as you paint terrorists with IS WRONG! It’s wrong when a priest is involved in a sex scandal, and people imply all priests are perverts. It’s wrong when a police officer commits a crime, and people imply all police officers are corrupt criminals. And it’s wrong to imply that because we have Muslim terrorists committing atrocities, that all Muslims somehow share in those acts.

If Donald Trump is debating Hillary Clinton, and the topic of Israel comes up, which stance will he take? Because in the last debate, he said he needed to be “sort of a neutral guy”, but in last evening’s debate he said he was pro-Israel. What will his response be if Clinton says that she has ALWAYS been Pro-Israel? Who is going to wipe the egg off of Donald’s face? Forgetting the fact that this is yet another example of him changing his stance on an issue, let me set Mr. Trump straight: you don’t remain NEUTRAL when it comes to the terrorist acts being committed against Israel! You STAND WITH ISRAEL. PERIOD.

If Donald Trump is debating Hillary Clinton, and he says something as utterly ridiculous as “We don’t want to get sued after the deal is made” when referring to a deal with Cuba, there will be no one to cut the conversation, change the topic, and move to another candidate. After Clinton stops laughing in that shrill voice of hers, she may ask Trump, “Donald, which court will Cuba sue us in exactly? And if they win in this imaginary court, what exactly will they do to us if we refuse to pay?” What will his response be?  Who will help him as he stands there looking like a fool? The moderators? Mrs Clinton? I think not.

In short, I watched the Republican front runner talk in circles, like he always does, giving vague answers, and making absurd statements like:

“Now I will say this, there is tremendous hatred. The question was asked, what do you think? I said, there is hatred. Now it would be very easy for me to say something differently. And everybody would say, oh, isn’t that wonderful.”

What? Does this make sense to anyone?

Or like this:

“But I will tell you, I think if we’re going to ever negotiate a peace settlement, which every Israeli wants, and I’ve spoken to the toughest and the sharpest, they all want peace, I think it would be much more helpful is — I’m a negotiator. If I go in, I’ll say I’m pro-Israel and I’ve told that to everybody and anybody that would listen.

But I would like to at least have the other side think I’m somewhat neutral as to them, so that we can maybe get a deal done. Maybe we can get a deal. I think it’s probably the toughest negotiation of all time. But maybe we can get a deal done.”

Well you know what Mr. Trump? You just told the world your plan. Oops!

I watched Donald Trump get the last word several times times, and I watched the moderators change the topic several times when he was floundering. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN IN A DEBATE WITH HILLARY CLINTON. If you think it will, I believe you are sadly mistaken. Let me tell you what I think will happen.

In a debate with Hillary Clinton, a huge cross will be dragged out onto stage. Trump will be scourged by the moderators and Clinton both. He will then be nailed to that cross. He will be crucified, and he will be left there to hang and die. No one will save him, and Hillary Clinton will be our next President.

That’s what I saw last night. That is why I do not think Donald Trump is the best candidate to run against Hillary Clinton. That is my opinion. If you believe I’m wrong, please, reply and let’s discuss it. I’d love to hear what you have to say. But hey, I’m just a cop.

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