DISGRACEFUL Behavior From Trump Supporters


National Review reports some Trump supporters have tweeted out a picture, home address, and phone number of Steve House, the chairman of the Colorado GOP.

Steve House

Mr. House says he has received thousands of phone calls to his house, and one can only imagine what sort of comments were made.                                                                       Steve House2

Additionally, the same Trump supporter tweeted information for the Colorado state national committeewoman and committeeman. This is absolutely DISGRACEFUL! Where is Mr. Trump’s condemnation of this behavior?

Yesterday, a friend of a friend on Facebook got really nasty with me, cursing at me and insulting me. Re-posting pictures of me (one was of my wife and I), all because I was involved in a debate with a mutual friend about Trump. My friend apologized profusely, and deleted the posts, but needless to say I was angry.

If Trump’s GOONS think they are going to win by engaging in tactics like this, they are sadly mistaken! This is ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS, and yet Mr. Trump remains silent! This is shameful, ignominious, and unacceptable behavior for people to engage in, and Mr. Trump should harshly rebuke it. By not doing so, not only is he failing to get undecided people to vote for him, he is turning away people like myself who have pledged to support him should he get the nomination in November.  I am very close to withdrawing my pledge to vote for him if he is the GOP candidate in November, as I am that outraged over this behavior and his failure to speak out against it. But hey, I’m just a cop.

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