I Don’t Understand

It’s the weekend, so I’ll keep this short. I’d just like to present some facts.

According to Slate Slate (left biased) there have been 74 murders committed by white extremist hate groups since 1995. That is horrible, and I absolutely do not want to belittle or make light of the fact that 74 people were killed by racists. That is evil, and I utterly condemn the murders, the people who committed them, and the groups they are a part of.

However, in 2016, in just one city alone, Chicago, there were 789 murders according to the Chicago Tribune (left-center biased). If you check, you will see the OVERWHELMING majority of them were African Americans.

So, let’s review:

Number of people killed by White Extremists over the course of 22 years: 74

Number of people killed in Chicago in 2016, most of who were African Americans: 789

From a logical standpoint, aren’t Chicago’s murders in just one year substantially more concerning than the 22 year murder rate of white extremists? Don’t the numbers prove, with clarity, than African Americans have more to fear living in Chicago than they do from white extremists? Isn’t the nation’s crime rate in some cities much more of an issue than a group of people who, in a nation of 340 million people, only managed to muster perhaps 500 or so people at a national rally to support their cause?

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2 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand

    1. Imjustacop Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I felt compelled to take a break. It has just gotten so ridiculous! The media who have been on hiatus for eight years are back with a vengeance! I plan on posting regularly, and it is nice to have been missed. Thank you again.


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