NY Times Blatant Bias On Display. Again.


I came across the following NY Times article titled California Nears Deal to Adopt a $15 State Minimum Wage.  The first three paragraphs are straight forward enough, and they report the issue at hand: CA is close to adopting a $15 state minimum wage. The fourth paragraph is where the bias problem starts. It opens with “Advocates for the higher wage hailed the California legislation, describing it as a major victory that would propel similar efforts nationally.” What this sentence does is broaden the article from simply reporting the issue at hand, to now listing what outside people, in this case defined as ‘pro-higher minimum wage advocates” think about it.

The article continues “This is a very big deal,” said Paul K. Sonn, the general counsel to the National Employment Law Project, a national research and advocacy group on wages. “It would mean a raise for one of every three workers in the state.”  The rest of the article, simply gives addtional support for the notion that raising the minimum wage will do nothing but help workers. Whether or not one agrees with this or not, does not change the fact that by choosing to give one side of a position without the other goes against the fundamental rules of objective journalism. Is their credible opposing views on the subject matter at hand? Well, let’s take a look.

The Wall Street Journal has this to say about raising the minimum wage:

Forbes gives both sides in these articles:

and is against a raise in minimum wage hike in the following articles:

And Bloomberg weighs in with the following:

And that is just a sampling from three reputable business and financial sources. So, yes, there certainly are a multitude of reliable and credible sources the NY Times could have cited to give an opposing point of view.

So, is the NY Times really interested in reporting the news? Is it even interested in helping workers who earn a minimum wage? There is certainly no shortage of opinions of those who believe that raising the minimum wage is not beneficial to workers, the economy, or the country as a whole. The NY Times simply chose not to cite any of them. Therefore, personally, I don’t believe the NY Times cares about objectionably reporting news nor does it care about helping workers. I believe the NY Times only cares about promoting it’s leftist agenda, and it’s blatant bias only supports that belief. But hey, I’m just a cop.

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