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In between debating many of my conservative friends on Facebook, who I must admit, help me greatly when it comes to formulating my blog posts, I’d like to through this to your collective thoughts. Before I do, let me start with the disclaimer I feel has become necessary to always add whenever I am about to raise something negative about a possible Donald Trump nomination: I will vote for Donald Trump if he is the Republican Party’s nominee for President in the 2016 election. Alright, having gotten that out of the way, let me ask you, do you remember Rick Lazio? Probably not. But whether you do or not, humor me.

I’ve been following politics like most guys follow their local sports team, and I’ve been doing it for a long time. I remember like it was yesterday. February 16, 1999, the First Lady’s office announced that she was considering running for the U.S. Senate seat vacated in NY by Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Well, fast forwarding, she did decide to run, and eventually, as we all know, she won. After Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani dropped out, NY Republicans choose a relatively little known, but respected Long Island Congressman names Rick Lazio. The NY Times announced, “Led by Gov. George E. Pataki, party leaders in New York and Washington embraced the candidacy of Representative Rick A. Lazio of Long Island, proclaiming him as an articulate and telegenic challenger to Mrs. Clinton”.

The same NY Times article informed people that “Mr. Pataki, who was never particularly happy with Mr. Giuliani in the first place, said Mr. Lazio represented a fresh, unencumbered challenger to Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Pataki praised Mr. Lazio as a four-term member of Congress whose record could appeal to moderate New Yorkers, and a candidate with an attractive television presence and a valuable base in the heart of the New York suburbs. Perhaps even more significant, Mr. Lazio is not the polarizing figure Mr. Giuliani is, robbing Mrs. Clinton of one of the advantages she enjoyed in her contest with the mayor.”

That was a fair assessment, as Rick Lazio at the time was young, a fresh face, and unlike Mr. Giuliani at the time, had no baggage. He seemed like a good choice to go against Hillary Clinton. What I remembered as a crucial point in the race, was a debate. It was held on Wednesday, September 13, 2000. Here is a clip:

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Lazio was clear, articulate, and if you watch Clinton’s face, you can see she was clearly caught off guard, and was essentially saved by the moderator and the closing statements. A win for Lazio and the Republicans, right? Wrong. The media was full of stories about how Lazio “invaded Hillary’s personal space”.

NY Times: Mrs. Clinton Portrays Lazio as Bully and Derides His Tax Plan


And my favorite one, BBC: Hillary attacked in TV debate

Yes, Hillary was “ATTACKED”. Well, if what Lazio did there was an “ATTACK”, what in God’s name will they call what Trump does to his opponents in a debate? Surely, our society has become considerably more “sensitive” since 2000! If, sixteen years ago, what Lazio did in this debate was considered to be offensive, I simply can not imagine how people are going to view Trump’s attacks on Hillary Clinton.

I’ll be honest, I find a lot of what Trump says entertaining when I privately watch some of his speeches. I see a lot of truth in much of what is he is saying. But I also see the mainstream media salivating. I see them biding their time. Sure, there are negative articles, news reports, and video clips of the media calling Trump out. But it’s nothing. Just wait. Wait until Trump is the Republican Presidential Candidate for President. You will see a relentless torrent of attacks against Donald Trump that you likely have never seen before. Trump will be in the news, non-stop, until the election, and I assure you, the overwhelming majority of the coverage will not just be negative; it will be an utter impugnment of Republicans, as well as conservatives, and everything we stand for. Trump will become the media’s poster child for why Republicans are racist, sexist, xenophobic, closed-minded, selfish, privileged, greedy, in-compassionate, and angry. And when the average, fair-minded, independent voter contemplates on whether or not that is true, I’m afraid they are going to agree.

In addition to the media, Trump himself is going to provide Hillary Clinton the ammunition she needs, to paint herself as the “victim”. Watch the next clip, and watch how Hillary uses Trump as her pawn, explaining to a young girl about how “It’s important to stand up to bullies wherever they are.”

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The mainstream media adore Hillary. When Lazio approached her, he was criticized, and it hurt him a lot in the election. He lost. Trump is Trump, and when he faces Hillary one on one, he is going to give her all she needs to win. She will portray him as the ULTIMATE BULLY, and I am sorry, I believe with all of my heart (and I pray that I am wrong) that the same sensitive, politically correct voters who gave us eight years of Obama are going to rally around Hillary, and carry her to the presidency.

As of a January 30th Gallop poll, here are the percentages of Americans who view the following candidates NEGATIVELY:

  • Donald Trump 60%
  • Hillary Clinton 52%
  • Ted Cruz 37%
  • Marco Rubio 33%
  • Bernie Sanders 31%

Sixty percent of Americans asked in this poll do not like Donald Trump. The same people, with all of the antics, lies, scandals, and baggage, only had a 52% negative view of Hillary Clinton. When you consider Trump’s bombastic style, his constant personal attacks, and the way he aggressively attacks his opponents, I think it’s fair to be concerned, but hey, I’m just a cop.

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