The Storm The Media Choose To Ignore












A storm of people with strong principles. This weekend’s snow storm was all that most news outlets, particularly local news, could talk about. The snow started to fall in Washington DC around  2 PM EST on Friday, January 22nd, 2016. That didn’t stop THOUSANDS of pro-life marchers from their mission: their annual March For Life rally. Throngs of people marched during a blizzard, including a barefoot monk, and the media remained silent. Instead, at least here in the NY tri-state area, people were told to stay inside and not venture outside in the cold, as snow and wind made it very uncomfortable, and many said dangerous. Yet these people would not be deterred.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice is really not the issue. The fact that thousands upon thousands of people feel so strongly about an issue, they were compelled to weather a blizzard rather than stay silent is deserving of mention. When you take into consideration that there is so much nonsense reported, I just can not see a good argument for not reporting this. Yet there was nothing on television about it. Why is that? I would venture to believe that it is because the majority of news outlets are overwhelming liberal and pro-choice. This story does not help the pro-choice movement, so they simply ignore it. In my opinion, it is utterly disgraceful. Sadly, it is not surprising to me in the least.

My hat is off to the multitude of people who took part in this event. While most of the east coast, myself included, hunkered down in our homes this past weekend during a snow storm, these people showed amazing strength of conviction. I find it to be commendable. But hey, I’m just a cop.

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