Trump Won, Is Conservatism Dead?


When Senator Cruz, the most conservative presidential candidate with a real chance of winning a presidential election in my adult lifetime dropped out of the race, I took some time off. I wanted some time off to mull over what had happened, and to take it all in. I’ve done that, and it’s time to move forward. On a level playing field, I firmly believe that Senator Cruz would have won. The field was not level, but I’m not going to waste anyone’s time going into the details: he lost. Listing reasons, making excuses, or portraying him as some kind of “victim” is not the conservative way. I think we all know which “side” likes to portray themselves as “victims” and to play the “victim card”. Being a conservative is not often easy. In fact, just like life, it is often filled with daunting challenges. But it is facing those challenges and striving to overcome them that makes conservatives who we are.

What did I need to reflect on? It’s quite simple: I often find it difficult to comprehend just what it is about conservatism that people dislike. I understand that it’s not the easy way of doing thinks. Liberalism fits that bill: let someone one else take care of you. But for people who want to succeed on their own, just what is it that they disagree with?

All people are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

If you don’t believe in God, simple remove the “Creator” part, and go with “all people have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Citizens have the right to live their lives, do what they themselves choose to do, and live their lives according to what makes them happy.

Freedom of choosing to follow a religion, and which religion to follow.

If you believe in God, you can pray to Him according to which religion suits your personal tastes. If you don’t believe in God, and choose not to practice any religion, that’s your right as well.

Limited government is a necessary evil required to maintain a civil society. Excessive government is an unnecessary evil that undermines the liberty intrinsic to human dignity.

Children in kindergarten require close supervision by adults. Grown adults should not need a “nanny state” to tell them what they should or should not do. Laws are necessary, but excessive laws restrict our freedoms. Freedom combined with accountability is suffice.

Equal justice under equal laws must exist for a society to remain unified. The law does not exist to serve only the aggrieved and making it do so divides the people under it.

Laws should be enacted to protect everyone equally. It is no more wrong for a white person to assault a black person than it is for a white person to assault any other person. Giving any one group more protection than another is inherently unfair, and it builds resentment.

Solutions are best when they are established voluntarily and locally. The federal government is the antithesis of that, as it is coercive and distant.

Life in New York City is radically different than life in Siloam Springs, AR, so something that makes sense in NYC may not make much sense somewhere else in the country. In fact, it may be absurd. Ergo, most laws should be enacted on the local level, as the local people best know the needs of the area. Federal laws should be limited to those absolutely necessary and that apply to a vast majority of the citizens of the country.

An individual is more likely than bureaucrats to know what is in his own self-interest.

As preciously stated, we are not children and we do not need a “parental government” telling us what to do and guiding our every endeavor.

Policies are as useful as the incentives they create, not the good intentions with which they were created.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. “Feeling good” IS NOT the same as “doing good”. When laws are passed to make us “feel good” but don’t actually “do good”, they are unnecessary and oft times detrimental. Logic should never be overridden by emotion, and the brain is a better guide than the heart.

As observed by Milton Friedman, there are four ways of spending money:

a. Spend your own money on yourself – When you do that, why then you really watch out what you’re doing, and you try to get the most for your money.

b. Spend your own money on someone else – You may not be so concerned with what you buy, but the cost is still of concern.

c. Spend someone else’s money on yourself – If you spend somebody else’s money on yourself, then you are sure going to have a good lunch!

d. Spend someone else’s money on someone else – if you spend somebody else’s money on somebody else, you are not concerned about how much something is, and you are not concerned about what you get.  And that’s government.

These principles were used by our Founding Fathers to create The Declaration of Independence, and later our U.S. Constitution. Whether or not a person believes them to be the best way of doing things is subject to his or her own personal opinion. However, what really is not subject to opinion is the fact that these tenets were used to create our country and make said country great. So why wouldn’t the Republican party choose the bona fide conservative as their nominee of choice in an attempt to fix the damage done by eight years of an ultra leftist Democrat President? Well, as I said, they did not. It’s time to let go of the disappointment.

Donald J. Trump. His names stirs the bile in my gallbladder. He is, in my personal view, an overflowing cesspool in the home of conservatism. He is the loud, obnoxious guy in the office, who you dislike from the moment you meet him. But here is a reality check: if Trump is an overflowing cesspool, Hillary Clinton is a gas explosion that utterly eradicates your home. Trump may be the guy you dislike at the office, but when you have no choice, you can learn to work with that guy. There is no working with Hillary Clinton. She will be just like her predecessor, and put frankly, the country can not stand another leftist Democrat in the White House.

To those conservatives who proclaimed themselves to be part of the “Never Trump” movement: I get it. I understand your disdain for the man. I not only understand it, I can empathize with you. In the case of not voting for Trump, strictly on principle, you are dead right. The only problem with being dead right is, in this case, you’re dead. Conservatives pride themselves on logic over emotion. Well, putting emotions aside, it’s obvious: from a conservative perspective, Clinton, will do severe and irrevocable damage to the United States. Therefore the logical choice is to vote for Trump. The United States is a two party system, now is not the time to try and change that with an Independent candidate. Not now, not with so much at stake. Staying home is akin to voting for Clinton. Swallow your pride, and do what’s right for the country: vote for Trump.

Is conservationism dead? Not by a long shot. In delegate count, Senator Cruz finished second in a field of eighteen. Conservatives, while not a majority in the Republican Party, still have a strong voice within the party. Rather than shun Donald Trump, we need to work with him. We need to do our best to influence him. Trump wants to “Make American Great Again”, we need to convince him that conservative values and principles are the best way to do that. That’s why on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 I will be voting for Donald J. Trump. I urge all fellow conservatives to do the same.

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One thought on “Trump Won, Is Conservatism Dead?

  1. Louis

    From a good friend of mine, Joe, who had a problem posting:

    I think this is probably the first full blog of yours I read. Nice job, well written. I agree with some and as is my nature, disagree with some. (Forgive typos, doing this on phone and it doesn’t look like it’s autocorrecting everything.)

    In a nutshell, as was the fall of Rome with their self indulgences, so has today’s society strayed from all the ink those fointain pens scribed 200+ years ago.

    To today’s millennial society and some older people, those Christian-Judeo principles we were founded on are now considered by an alarming growing of insurgents as “out of touch writings by a bunch of homophobia white slave owing racists.” Political correctness is killing us (hence my Trump vote to keep breaking it), and as the last 5 years and specifically the last 2 weeks has attested to; gender is now preference. Crazy, but it’s happening. The world is “evolving” and it’s to the individual opinion if that’s what is best for a continuing flawed society. But to wrap this up and comment on the title of your blog; yes, I do believe, to a degree, what has been your Conservitive way is dead. It has “evolved” to what Trump has proved the republican electorate now wants; someone perceived to be able to actually get something done, compromising with the other side and make it beneficial for all. And I know your response “Obama didn’t compromise; he got everything he wanted for the liberals.” Right. And how well did that turn out for your Convervatism? And now you think your side is entitled to spend another 8 years undoing and full steam to the Right and lather the other side up to take you down? ENOUGH OF POLITICS AS USUAL.

    Enter Trump.

    Your are also right with saying you ran the most conservative candidate possible in Cruz.
    And you lost.
    Pretty badly.
    A non politician doubled Cruz in states won and millions more in votes. That should have set an alarm off for Conservatives.

    So win or lose, and I still believe the electoral college always puts the Republicans in a starting hole, that Conservatism will move towards what started in 2010 with the Tea Party; a wing of the Republican Party that now has to decide if they form their own party. It won’t be easy, but the standard 2 party talking points is continuing to fall out of favor. Everyone now is offended when told they have to believe everything someone else says; and I even fall into that as far as the 2 sides rantings. I’m an Independant because I do believe in the 2cd Amendment, I do believe it Pro-Choice for abortion (too many people in this world already), I do believe govt is a necessary evil, but I don’t believe it will EVER be smaller like the republician talking point spews out. 2 Bushes later have proved there’s little difference between parties other than one wants to start wars we can’t win and the other wants to run from it. Both bad choices. The deficit started with Reagan and every president had ran it up since. Now we are supposed to do what? Tell this society it’s time to buck up, tighten our belts, live with less, work as one to “right” the ship, and what? “Make America great again”? Sure, I’m in. But I’m 48. I grew up a little different. No iPhone and flat screen TV in my room at the age of 8. And I have about 15 years left to be be relevant before I’m eating the early bird at Sizzler and these Millenials make this a VERY different “evolved” society. Another article I saw just now said there are 56 options Facebook allows you to choose instead of the 2 we are used to forever; male or female.


    That used to be the batting streak DiMaggio had back in the 50s.
    At this point, that may as well be as long ago as the fall of Rome.


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