In Honor Of Harambe


On Saturday, May 30, 2016, at the Cinncinati Zoo, Harambe, a western lowland gorilla who had just turned 17 only the day before, was shot and killed to save a three year old boy’s life. The boy had “escaped” from his mother, and gotten into the gorilla’s enclousure. Continue reading

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Remember Our Veterans


 Enjoy your weekend, and the unofficial start of the summer, but please remember the purpose of the day: pay reverence to our veterans. The United States of America is what it is today, in no small part, thanks to the sacrifice of those who serve/served in our armed forces. Home of the free, because of the brave. May God bless them and their families, now and forever. Thank you veterans.


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Sitting Shiva


Yesterday was a very difficult day for Cruz supporters, and true conservatives. That being said, the course should be clear: NEVER CLINTON IN NOVEMBER!

I’m not Jewish, but I will be taking a page from my Jewish friend’s playbook, and state that I am “sitting Shiva” this week. To “mourn”, so to speak. I will be back next week. Conservatism is not dead, it was just dealt a serious blow. Being a conservative has never been easy, and that hasn’t change, but we must never despair or give up. See you next week.

Churchil Never Never Never Give Up

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No One Is Stealing Anything

asurprisedrobberI’ve been hearing a lot of talk about the “Republican Establishment stealing the primary”. Well, one should really understand that there is a process in place, and that process has been used throughout our party’s history. No one is “stealing” anything, they are simply abiding by the rules. I’d like to take this time to go over the facts, and review a few things. As of this writing, here is the reality regarding the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination: Continue reading

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