Feel Like Sayin’ Foxy, Foxy Foxy Lady!

Yesterday morning, I came outside my front porch, and saw tiny footprints in the snow on the porch.


So of course, I walked to the end of the porch, where the ramp was….


And sure enough, a little place under the ramp had been dug out.


Last spring, a pair of foxes made a den and had kits. Two to be exact.


They were absolutely adorable! One was a little nervous, and the other was very brazen. I used to look for them every morning. Well, the two foxes that made their den this winter under the ramp were staying close to the house this morning. I took a picture of the both of them, and they ran away.


Then about five minutes later, one came out from my backyard, and poked it’s head in front of my car.

Fox 1

Foxes truly are magnificent looking animals, and the pictures don’t due them justice. Prior to their arrival, there were a lot of mice, and even some rats around our neighborhood, but after these guys came to town, we haven’t seen a mouse or a rat anywhere. I’m happy to share our home with these beautiful creatures, and I appreciate the rodent removal service they provide. I can’t wait to see the kits this spring!

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