How Is Hillary Clinton Still a Viable Candidate For Some People?


From the Wall Street Journal:

“About two months of emails from the start of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state are missing, and federal officials haven’t been able to recover them.

An archive of records that Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential front-runner, turned over to the State Department doesn’t begin until March 18, 2009, though she took office as secretary of state in late January of that year. The missing emails raise more questions about her stewardship of official documents during her tenure and whether there is a complete record of the early diplomatic efforts of President Barack Obama’s administration.”

Yet, when I converse with supports of Mrs Clinton, they simply just don’t care. Not only do they not seem to care, many are convinced that it’s “all a vast right wing conspiracy”. I am truly befuddled by this.

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